Serving Western Colorado Since 1978

Welcome to Buckhorn Geotech

Buckhorn Geotech is a multi-discipline firm which has provided professional engineering services in Western Colorado since 1978.

Buckhorn provides a wide array of engineering and geotechnical investigations and designs as well as oversight for private, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects.

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Our Services

Civil Engineering

Our civil group combines a wide range of experience in civil engineering with depth and creativity to produce sound and enduring results.

Structural Engineering

An adequate structural design is critical to the life of any building, from a residential home to a community center.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical investigations characterize the range of soil conditions and constraints posed by geologic conditions, topography, and climate for a particular building site and make engineering recommendations for soil preparation, foundation design options, site drainage, excavation, construction, and mitigation of geologic hazards.

Construction Materials Testing

Materials Testing is the final step in ensuring project excellence. Our technicians have received training in all areas of this phase of the construction process.


The construction staking of Home Depot for Colorado Structures, Inc. in Montrose, Colorado is an example of our professional surveying services.

Water Resources

Water resources are often an integral part of project design in Western Colorado.


Many of our projects require consideration of environmental regulations. Our Environmental Group provides design, submittals and compliance documents to support our engineering projects.